Andrew Jackson Papers Project News

Online Access to The Papers of Andrew Jackson Available

The Papers of Andrew Jackson Digital Edition joins a short list of prestigious editorial projects available within The American Founding Era Collection, a digital publication of the University of Virginia Press.

History Channel Show Featuring UT’s Jackson Papers to Air on Saturday

The History Channel’s Ten Things You Don’t Know About show featuring UT’s Papers of Andrew Jackson staff will air at 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 11. History Professor Dan Feller and Research Associate Professor Tom Coens were involved in the shoot with the show’s star, punk rock musician Henry Rollins. Ten Things You Don’t Know About looks at interesting “twists and tidbits behind the historical tales, figures, and places you only thought you knew.”

UT’s Latest Volume of Jackson Papers Exposes “Most Lurid Year” in Presidency

A woman with a dubious reputation. Presidential cabinet members at each other’s throats. A president with a conspiracy theory. It’s not a fictional story of political intrigue. It’s real-life drama—detailed through the correspondence chronicled in the ninth volume of The Papers of Andrew Jackson, recently published by the University of Tennessee Press.

UT’s Latest Volume of Jackson Papers Reveals Personality, Convictions

President Andrew Jackson’s complicated character frequently pops up during 1830 as he trudges through the political and personal tumult that surrounds his second year in office. The eighth volume of “The Papers of Andrew Jackson,” a UT Knoxville series published by UT Press, includes primary documents dealing with Jackson’s opposition to the Bank of the United States, his urgent compulsion to pass the Indian Removal Act, his conflict with Vice President John C. Calhoun and his angst over the sex scandal surrounding Peggy Eaton, the wife of one of his cabinet members.

Another History Mystery Solved: UT Jackson Papers Project Editor Helps New York Attorney General Recover Stolen Letter

Staff of the Andrew Jackson Papers Project at UT Knoxville once again are being credited with solving a history mystery. The group that has been in the news several times in recent years for authenticating letters and debunking myths has now helped recover a 185-year-old letter written by President Andrew Jackson that was stolen from the New York State Library and Archives.