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Audubon: How Island Birds Got Their Groove

Audubon magazine recently featured Alison Boyer in this article exploring the variations among island birds, from dwarfism to flightlessness, due to evolution.

Professor Links Massive Prehistoric Bird Extinction to Humans

Research by Alison Boyer, a research assistant professor in ecology and evolutionary biology, and an international team studied the extinction rates of nonperching land birds in the Pacific Islands from 700 to 3,500 years ago. Some of the birds studied included birds of prey and ducks. The team uncovered the magnitude of the extinctions and insight into how and why human impacts varied across the region.

Professor Discusses Extinction of Tropical Birds at November 9 Science Forum

Alison Boyer

Alison Boyer, assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, has spent the past ten years studying the endangerment and extinction of Pacific island birds. She’ll be discussing her work at the UT Science Forum on Friday, November 9. The weekly presentations begin at noon on Fridays in room C-D of Thompson-Boling Arena.