Air Quality Alert News

Update on Air Quality of Campus

While most of Knox County’s air quality measures in the green or good range today, the Knox County Health Department is advising that areas near the downtown-area mulch fire are likely still being impacted by unhealthy air due to smoke. While the impact area changes due to weather conditions and wind direction, health officials said Wednesday that if you can smell smoke, the air quality is unhealthy.

Knox County’s Red Air Quality Alert

The university is monitoring the air quality in the area due to the smoke associated with the mulch fire just northwest of campus. The Knox County Health Department changed the air quality status yesterday from orange, unhealthy for sensitive people, to red, which means unhealthy for everyone. The situation could impact the air quality on campus for the next couple of days, depending on prevailing winds or weather conditions. Prolonged or heavy physical activity should be considered until the air quality improves.