Administration News

UT Board Approves Plan to Transfer City Streets to Campus

The Board of Trustees approved a proposal Thursday to assume ownership of 4.3 miles of campus streets now owned by the City of Knoxville. In the initial phase, the Knoxville campus will assume ownership and maintenance responsibilities for several streets including Andy Holt Avenue, Pat Head Summitt Street, Johnny Majors Drive, and Lake Loudoun Boulevard.

UT Knoxville Adds Lean Management Office to Finance Division

Planning for significant budget cuts, the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, has established a Lean Management Office as a permanent function of the campus administration, Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek announced today. The move formalizes the university’s commitment to enhancing efficiency and improving processes as it prepares to weather a $40 million cut to its annual state appropriation by July 2011. Federal stimulus dollars have filled the gap, but the one-time funds expire June 30, 2011.