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Members of UTís Big Orange Combine will travel to San Francisco Feb. 3-8 to get hands-on experience working Super Bowl 50. Left to right are Lexi Dempsey, Mack Crowder, Debbie Mackey, Sam Gilliam, Christine Austin, Olanda James, Julie Fish, Brian Russell, Christine Steffen, Stan Norris, Megan Hatcher, Kyler Kerbyson, and Jim Dugan. Not pictured: Emily Corley.

Students to Work Historic Super Bowl 50

Twelve lucky students will attend Super Bowl 50 and the historic showdown on football’s biggest stage between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers. The Big Orange Combine, now in its twelfth year, involves students majoring in communications, marketing, human resources, and sports management. The students will travel to San Francisco February 3–8 to work the Super Bowl and other events leading up the most-watched television program in America. The game is 6:30 p.m. Sunday, February 7.