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The Green, Green Gas of Tennessee

Why is this man smiling? And, why should we care? Vice President for Agriculture Joseph DiPietro wants the world to know about the work UT is doing to find sol-UT-ions to some of society’s most pressing needs – controlling greenhouse gas emissions, finding alternative fuels and developing sustainable, environmentally friendly methods of agricultural production.

Intercultural Awareness Is Crucial

Rita Geier addresses the Ready for the World initiative and the importance of diversity and intercultural awareness in this week’s "UT Voices" column. She believes, "… it is our intercultural awareness and skills that will allow us to live peacefully and productively, addressing critical issues of our time with diverse people in our neighborhoods and around our shrinking globe."

Employees Make the Difference

Of the many formal presentations I attend on campus, the Send Roses monthly ceremony, where we honor a dedicated and courteous employee, is one of my favorites. It was particularly enjoyable recently to honor Terry Baker, a maintenance specialist who takes care of the sometimes-creaky infrastructure in Andy Holt Tower.