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Science Is a Game Where Being the Best Really Matters

We at the University of Tennessee know a thing or two about being the very best at our game. Our success on the field and on the court have helped us recruit the best talent, enhance our reputation and bring pride to our community. So it is with science! Being the best really matters to our economic and societal future.

Chancellor’s Honors Should Inspire Us All

"Every spring, the Chancellor’s Honors Banquet highlights those among us who have made special contributions to the richness of our university community. This wonderful event—now in its 42nd year—celebrates the spirit and deeds that make UT Knoxville so special."

Science Is A Game Where Being The Best Really Matters

"We at the University of Tennessee know a thing or two about being the very best at our game," says Thomas Zacharia, UT vice president for science and technology and Oak Ridge National Laboratory associate lab director for computing and computational sciences. "Today, scientists and engineers and dignitaries will come to East Tennessee to celebrate the decision by the National Science Foundation to award $65 million, the largest grant ever to UT, to build a new supercomputer at the Joint Institute for Computational Sciences on the ORNL campus."

Energy Ethics

"Energy use is not just an economic or environmental issue; it’s a matter of justice," writes John Nolt, professor of philosophy at UT Knoxville. Nolt is one of the organizers of Energy and Ethics: A Conference on Responsibility and the Environment, an international conference on energy and responsibility to be held at the downtown Hilton Hotel in Knoxville from April 10 – 12. He shares his views on environmental ethics with Tennessee Today readers.

Strategic Planning at UTK

Robert Holub, provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, says the strategic planning process is vital to UT Knoxville because "it is the road map to our intended destination." Read Holub’s column on the process and the progress being made; then go to http://provost.utk.edu/strategic/ to see how you can be involved.

Annual Performance Review 101

Annual performance reviews will be due soon; but Alan Chesney, executive director of human resources for the Knoxville campus, says that rather than dreading them employees should see the review process as an opportunity to have a conversation with a supervisor in which they take an active role in presenting their accomplishments over the past year.

Provost Robert Holub Talks About Retention

Student retention rates at UTK have been getting a lot of attention lately so Tennessee Today asked Provost Robert Holub some questions about retention to help the campus community understand the issues involved.

Simek Addresses Campus Employees

"Last week, I agreed to serve as interim chancellor of the Knoxville campus because of my deep commitment to this institution and to the people that make this such a great university. I seek your support in continuing the positive momentum we’ve built over the last few years."

Provost Announces Strategic Study

This is an exciting time on the Knoxville campus as we anticipate opportunities that will define the university’s future. To build on our current momentum, Chancellor Loren Crabtree has asked me to direct a strategic planning process for the entire campus. I want to explain how I am organizing this initiative. I also want to strongly encourage your input into this process.

Past Helps Us Understand the Present

The medieval and Renaissance eras were the crucible in which the cultures we know today were formed. That’s why it’s been so exciting for the Marco Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies to preside over this fall’s Medieval and Renaissance Semester.