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DeParle Recalls Favorite Faculty

In today’s video, alumna Nancy-Anne DeParle, President Barack Obama’s former deputy chief of staff, reminisces about some of her favorite UT faculty.

Faculty Appreciation Week Video: Students Say ‘Thank You’

It’s Faculty Appreciation Week at UT, and some of our students wanted to say “thank you” to the faculty members who have meant the most to them. A video crew ventured out on campus stopping students and asking them to talk about faculty members who have meant a lot to them.

UT Student Writes, Directs, Stars in Unique Musical about Juvenile Diabetes

Andy Rogers, who is majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology and minoring in theater, went beyond writing the required research paper for his major; he has written, produced, directed and soon will be starring in a musical in the form of an independent project centered on a disease he and his sister suffer from: Type I Diabetes.

Theotis Robinson Remembers His Journey to UT

On Tuesday, Feb. 1, hundreds of students, faculty, staff and community members marched from UT Knoxville’s Torchbearer statue to the University Center to mark the 50th anniversary of African-American undergraduate students being admitted to the university. Theotis Robinson spoke to a standing-room-only crowd about his journey from being declined admission to UT, to being one of the first three African-American students admitted.

UT Team Develops iPhone App to Drive Tourism in Downtown Knoxville

Downtown Knoxville’s economy may see a boost thanks to a free iPhone application developed by UT researchers in collaboration with three local nonprofit organizations. Called the Beck Tour app, the mobile phone application features 14 historically and culturally significant sites in and around downtown Knoxville.

UT Professor Leads World Effort in Developing Next Generation of Supercomputers

East Tennessee is home to two of the fastest supercomputers in the world. These high-performance systems help solve the world’s most challenging problems but their abilities are limited. Jack Dongarra, distinguished professor of electrical engineering and computer science, is leading the international charge in developing the world’s next generation of supercomputers.

Cheek, Summitt and Pearl Paint the Rock, Welcome Students

Welcome Class of 2014! Painted in neon orange spray paint on one of the campus’ most recognizable landmarks, the message was hard to miss. Chancellor Jimmy Cheek, women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt and men’s basketball coach Bruce Pearl painted The Rock on Sunday to welcome the freshmen class.

The Art of the Prank

What is it about pranks that we find so interesting and entertaining? That question is at the core of a unique freshman seminar class to be taught by UT’s “Court Jester,” Beauvais Lyons. Lyons is also a gifted artist, mentor and a force behind the UT Knoxville School of Art’s graduate program in printmaking. Students in Lyons’ freshman seminar 129 course will study and stage a number of pranks during the semester to explore the social, political, ethical and artistic uses of the prank.