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Editorial Guidelines Can Help in Writing about the University

Learn more about how to accurately refer to UT in written pieces, instances when the university’s editorial style is different from the Chicago Manual of Style and Associated Press style, and the lingo we use to capture UT’s spirit.

About the Collections

Descriptions of the Civil Rights Collection, 1900-1990. MS.0334, and the William G. Keen World War II Papers, 1938-1948, CSWS.WWII.1.0011.

Going the Extra Mile: Arts and Sciences Spotlights Gordon, Xue

As an expert in relationship management, Kristina Coop Gordon, pictured, psychology professor and associate director of clinical training, prepares her students to deal with a range of emotions related to infidelity, betrayal, revenge, and forgiveness as future therapists. Ben Xue is a believer in putting students in real-life situations and engaging them to solve critical

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CCI Research Symposium to Highlight Health Messaging

“Engaged Research: Communities, Communication, Information” is the theme for the College of Communication and Information’s (CCI) thirty-eighth annual Research Symposium to be held on Wednesday, February 24. Nancy Grant Harrington, professor of communication and associate dean for research in the College of Communication and Information at the University of Kentucky, will be the keynote presenter this year.

Researcher Urges Caution on Rewilding to Restore Wild Spaces

Efforts to restore land back to its natural state by reintroducing wild animals have become increasingly popular in recent years. A study co-authored by Dan Simberloff, the Gore-Hunger Professor of Environmental Studies in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, says scientific evidence supporting the potential benefits of this form of restoration is limited at best. The introduction of species into new places is often met with unexpected negative consequences for the environment.

Tee Time: Looking at Leisure Time in CEO Effectiveness

Andy Puckett, associate professor of finance and Paul and Beverly Castagna Professor in Investments, wanted to examine a common assumption about corporate structure—because owners of the firms are separate from those who manage the day-to-day operations, the managers don’t have as much at stake if the business fails.

Water Conservation Focus of February Calendar

More than one hundred Brita water bottle refilling stations in buildings across campus provide free filtered water. The next time you need a break, grab your reusable water bottle and head to the nearest refill station. You’ll get some exercise and save another plastic bottle from the landfill. After you’ve quenched your thirst, be sure to download February’s Make Orange Green desktop and screensaver wallpapers.