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End of the Semester Academic Procedures

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Sally McMillan addresses policies regarding end of the semester procedures for UT Knoxville faculty, staff, and students.

Online Instructor Evaluations Now Under Way

The university has converted the way students evaluate their instructors to a completely web-based, online system. It is expected to save 1.25 tons of paper each year, reducing overall costs and saving countless hours of staff time. Students received the first invitation to complete the surveys about their instructors on Monday. The SAIS system is now open through December 2.

Employee Engagement Survey Wraps Up This Week

There are just a few days left to complete UT’s employee engagement survey. The statewide survey wraps up on Tuesday, November 15. Response rates are at 44 percent across the UT system and at 43 percent on the Knoxville campus. This is a great response rate, but there is still time to get those numbers higher.

Architecture Faculty Honored by American Institute of Architects

Ten faculty members from the School of Architecture received awards last month from the East Tennessee Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. The highest honors, the Honor Citation Awards, were given for three projects: “The Ghost Houses, Phase I,” “A New Norris House,” and the “O’Dell Residence.”

Employees to Receive Sensitive Data Survey

Faculty and staff can expect to get an electronic survey about the type of information that they store on their computer desktop, laptop, tablet, or other devices registered to the UT network. The survey is part of a new sensitive data review process designed to ensure that UT complies with state and federal laws and regulations.

Campus Chest Close to Goal…Still Time to Give

The University of Tennessee is now at 95.8 percent of its 2011-12 Campus Chest goal. The campaign has been extended for one final week to provide additional opportunities for employees to make pledges or one-time donations.

Spotlight on Sustainability: The UT Mug Project

Students and employees across campus are now taking advantage of a new progressive sustainability campaign: the Mug Project. Members of the campus community can bring their own mug of twenty-four ounces or less and receive ninety-nine-cent drip coffee and fountain beverages.

Create Your Own Safe Zone; New Training for UT Departments

Faculty and staff can now arrange a special Safe Zone training for their department or unit. Safe Zone is a voluntary network of faculty, staff, and students who believe that every member of the community should have an equal opportunity to grow and learn in a safe and open environment. Safe Zone training explores LGBT issues in an honest and open way and provides an opportunity for participants to become LGBT allies

Employee Satisfaction Survey Under Way Across the State

By now, many Knoxville-area UT employees have received an e-mail or paper survey for the system-wide employee satisfaction survey. The UT system is overseeing the confidential survey, which is designed to gauge your opinions and needs in areas such as pay, benefits, job satisfaction, professional development, performance evaluation, leadership, and communication. The survey is open through November 15.

Nominate an Outstanding Teacher by Friday

Each year, the UT Alumni Association funds awards that recognize excellence in the classroom. The Outstanding Teacher Award is part of the association’s continuing effort to encourage resourceful and creative instruction and to publicly recognize exceptional teaching, especially the teaching of undergraduates.