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Zawodzinski Keeps Focus on Research Amid Mounting Honors

Tom Zawodzinski150

Tom Zawodzinski, joint UT-Oak Ridge National Laboratory Governor’s Chair for Electrical Energy Conversion and Storage, has earned one of the highest honors in his field—being named a fellow of the American Chemical Society’s Polymer Science Division.

Orme is Quest Scholar of the Week


John Orme, professor of social work, was recently selected to become a Fellow in the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare. Orme’s expertise is in the area of foster care, especially foster families.

Astronaut Kelly Honored by Magazine as Scientist of the Year

Scott Kelly featiured

Astronaut Scott Kelly is no stranger to stardom, having rocketed to fame as the first American to spend a year in space. In fact, by the time he returns to Earth in March, he will have spent more than 500 days total in orbit, a record for any American and trailing only a small number of cosmonauts. For that service, R&D Magazine has recognized Kelly, a graduate of the University of Tennessee Space Institute, as its 2015 Scientist of the Year.

Norrell is Quest Scholar of the Week


Robert “Jeff” Norrell, professor and Bernadotte Schmitt Chair of Excellence in the Department of History, published three books this past fall including a biography, Alex Haley and the Books that Changed a Nation, which covers the rise to national celebrity and great literary influence of Haley.