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Judy Flanagan Honored for Service

In a ceremony at the College of Communication and Information, Judy Flanagan was honored for her service to the university.

Architecture Professors and Red Bird Kiosk Honored with Design Awards

A water kiosk project and two educators from the College of Architecture and Design were recently honored by the East Tennessee Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. The kiosk, a project in the Red Bird community of Clay County, Kentucky, earned a Design Award of Merit. Marleen Davis, Distinguished Professor of Architecture, was honored with the Gold Medalist Award, and retired architecture professor Bill Shell received the Award of Merit.

Science Forum: Talk about Raptor Biology Will Feature Live Birds

From their hollow bones to the cones in a falcon’s nostrils, the bodies of birds of prey are designed for maximum efficiency in flight, reproduction, hunting, and survival. The final Science Forum of the semester will feature a close-up look at raptors.

Six Things You Should Know about Geography

Kelsey Ellis

Geography is more than maps, terrains, and places. It’s also history, climate change, human rights, population, transportation, and human behavior. With Geography Awareness Week beginning today, here’s a look at some fascinating—and very diverse—research being done by UT geographers.

UT Study Finds China’s Newfound Mobility Increasingly Reliant on E-Bikes

Chris Cherry

China has long had the largest population of any country in the world, but its recent economic boom has presented it with a number of problems, especially transportation and air quality. UT researchers have been studying the use of e-bikes in China, and their new findings shed light on the demographic and geographic use of the new technology.