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Mentions of the University of Tennessee in external media outlets.

Greenwood Mural in the news

  A historic mural that has survived controversy, vandalism, and an impending demolition of its longtime home is being featured

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Bloomberg interviews Chris Cherry on China’s e-bike problems interviewed Chris Cherry, an associate professor in the College of Engineering’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, for its recent story on some of the safety issues plaguing electronic bicycle use in China.

Cleveland Daily Banner: UT Smart Communities Planning Underway


A new initiative to combine the expertise of Cleveland city officials and UT students got underway with a meeting Monday. Cleveland was chosen to take part in the inaugural year of a new program called the Smart Communities Initiative that will allow students to work with city officials and create proposals on ways to address city planning concerns. Beginning this fall, students and faculty will begin looking at ways to address everything from transportation needs to tourism in Cleveland.