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Mentions of the University of Tennessee in external media outlets.

Brattleboro Reformer: Hulsether Discusses Health Insurance, Contraceptive Coverage

The Brattleboro Reformer featured Mark Hulsether, a UT religious studies professor, in an opinion piece examining a new Vermont law and contraceptive coverage. In 2016, the Vermont Legislature passed and then Gov. Peter Shumlin signed into law H.260, requiring health insurance plans to provide free contraceptive coverage. However, in October, the Trump administration issued an

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Daily Beast: Grissino-Mayer Discusses Wildfire Warnings, Preparation

The resort towns nestled at the base of the Smoky Mountains experienced their first—but not last—wildfires. Urging communities in the Southeast to get ready for a “new normal” has become a cause for UT geographer Henri Grissino-Mayer, a wildfire expert who has been telling residents to rebuild with the next blaze in mind. The Daily

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Bowling Green Daily News: FAC Helps with Kentucky Bones Investigation

Five researchers with UT’s Forensic Anthropology Center along with employees of the Kentucky state Medical Examiner’s office, Kentucky State Police detectives and the Logan County Sheriff’s Office returned to a site in Auburn, Kentucky, on December 7 where duck hunters found what appears to be parts of a human skeleton. The Bowling Green Daily News reported

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New Yorker: Dean Says Astronauts Get Writer’s Block Too

UT English professor Margaret Lazarus Dean interviewed astronaut and UT alum Scott Kelly after his memoir Endurance was released earlier this year. Dean is the co-author of the book about Kelly’s year aboard the International Space Station. The interview appeared December 7 in New Yorker magazine.

Local8Now: Flores Discusses Fandom and Symptoms of Depression

Leticia Flores, associate professor of psychology and director of the UT Psychological Clinic, spoke to WVLT-TV Local 8 Now about how sports generates various emotions in fans. An unstable season in particular can cause some stress and some fans can experience symptoms of depression.

Rubenstein Pens KNS Op-Ed on Grad Student Tax Impact

Jay Rubenstein, the Riggsby director of the UT Marco Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, wrote an opinion-editorial for the Knoxville News Sentinel about how a proposed graduate student tax could cripple a generation of students.