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Burghardt Shares Opinions on Pet Reptiles in New York Times

Gordon Burghardt, Alumni Distinguished Service Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, was quoted in a New York Times article about the debate on whether reptiles and amphibians should be house pets. He also submitted an editorial to Veterinary Record in which he discusses the challenges and rewards of keeping reptiles and amphibians as pets. Additionally, the Earther featured

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Professor Dishes Up Healthy Holiday Hacks

Holiday table

There are many delicious temptations during the holidays, but UT nutrition professor Lee Murphy says there’s always room to hack your favorite recipe in order to reduce calories from added fats and sugars.

International Media Quote Burghardt on Compatibility of Reptiles, Amphibians and Modern Lifestyles

A debate over reptile pets erupted in a series of articles published recently in the journal, Veterinary Record. In a linked editorial, UT’s Gordon Burghardt said issues of health, best practices for keeping captives, and preventing disease transmission to humans “are important for veterinarians to address.” But he believes reptiles and amphibians “are compatible with

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Southern Illinoisan: UT Professor Collaborates on Project Concerning Impact of Hurricane Harvey

UT anthropology assistant professor Raja Swamy is collaborating with a Southern Illinois University Carbondale researcher on a project about Hurricane Harvey’s effects on Houston. The pair recently received an $80,000 grant for the work. The Southern Illinoisan featured the project in this story. The researchers’ latest project asks a deceptively simple question: What will Hurricane

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WBIR: UT Chemist Hosted 27th Annual Magic of Chemistry Show

Al Hazari, retired UT chemistry professor, was recently featured on WBIR-TV Channel 10 while introducing the wonders of chemistry and promoting his chemistry show. Hazari hosted his 27th annual Magic of Chemistry show on Oct. 24 at UT”S Dabney-Buehler Hall. The theme of this year’s show was “Chemistry Rocks.” The show incorporated different types of

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Inside Science Quotes Astrophysicist Guidry on Multi-Messenger Events

In October, scientists announced the first observation of a cosmic event with both gravitational waves and light. As reported by Inside Science, the detection of this event with both gravitational waves and light is an example of what scientists call multi-messenger astronomy. UT astrophysicist Mike Guidry says, “Multi-messenger events are really the holy grail, with

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Toxic Snakes Know They’re Toxic, Agrees Burghardt in New Scientist

UT professor Gordon Burghardt teamed up with Akira Mori, a professor at Kyoto University in Japan, to study how different snakes respond when fed toxic foods. In a recent New Scientist article, their researched showed that when snakes were fed toxic toads, they became aware they were toxic and would respond to threats with nuchal

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