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Chemical Inventories Due March 1

In order to meet regulatory requirements the university must conduct a periodic inventory of chemicals on campus. In support of this effort departments with chemicals must submit an inventory to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety by Thursday, March 1. This request only applies to chemicals on the Knoxville campus and not the Agriculture campus.

Student Researches Mars and Holds World Record

When he is not analyzing images from Mars, Matt Chojnacki is training on UT’s exercise facilities to ensure he is physically fit for the aerial stunts he performs in Utah every summer. This is because in addition to being a scientist, Chojnacki is a former Olympic skier and a world-record holder.

UT’s Marco Institute History Lecture Explores ‘Phantom’ Spanish Archive

Historian Paul Freedman of Yale University will deliver the annual Riggsby Lecture on Medieval Mediterranean History and Culture at 4:00 p.m. Thursday, October 13, at the Black Cultural Center at UT Knoxville. Freedman’s lecture is titled “A Phantom Spanish Archive: The Past Slips Through Our Fingers,” and is presented by UT’s Marco Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

The Autumn in Knoxville Fall Festival is Today

The fun kicks off at 11:30 a.m. today for the thirty-fourth annual Autumn in Knoxville Fall Festival at the TRECS complex. Each year, thousands of Knoxville-area faculty and staff attend this employee appreciation event for fun, food, and giveaways.

50th Anniversary Gala Showcases Original Talent

Last week’s 50th Anniversary of African American Achievement gala was a showcase of original talent. The program looked at the university’s history since the 1950s with pieces created specifically for the event, including videos, vocal performances, a theatrical performance, and a spoken word performance. Capped off by an original arrangement of UT’s Alma Mater, the gala was a tribute to UT’s past, present and future.