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Complete Your Online Well-Being Assessment by March 15


Employees and covered spouses currently enrolled in the Partnership PPO or Wellness HealthSavings CDHP health insurance plans must complete an online Healthways Well-Being Assessment by March 15 as part of the 2016 Partnership Promise.

Facilities Services Projects Catalog Available Online

UT Facilities Services’s 2015 Fall and 2016 Spring Projects catalog is available online and details the major tasks completed during the fall semester and the projects that are slated for spring.

Human Research and the IRB

The Office of Research Integrity resumes its lunchtime series “Responsible Conduct of Research” at noon Friday, January 29, in Hodges Library auditorium with a session on human subjects research and the Institutional Review Board.

NIMBioS: Study Shows Large Variability in Abundance of Viruses That Infect Ocean Microorganisms


Viruses infect more than humans or plants. For microorganisms in the oceans—including those that capture half of the carbon taken out of the atmosphere every day—viruses are a major threat. But a paper published Monday in the journal Nature Microbiology shows that there’s much less certainty about the size of these viral populations than scientists had long believed.

Deep Freeze: Study Aims to Unlock Mysteries of Permafrost

permafrost, according to UT microbiologists Tatiana Vishnivetskaya and Susan Pfiffner, who explored the sparsely populated region in August, could lead to important insights about climate control and the ability of some “living fossils” to survive in extreme environments.