Faculty & Staff News

Friday’s Science Forum to Discuss Whether Good Can Come from GMOs


Tessa Burch-Smith, assistant professor of biochemistry and cellular and molecular biology, will speak on the topic “Can Anything Good Come Out of Genetically Modified Organisms?” in Friday’s Science Forum to be held at noon in Room C-D of Thompson-Boling Arena.

Journalism Professors Chronicle Custer Myth in New Book


Although what really happened to Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer and his command at the Little Bighorn remains a mystery, the man behind the myth is as inscrutable as his final battle, two UT journalism professors claim in a new book.

UT Alert and Safety Notices 101

UT Police Department has received some questions about how they notify students about emergency situations that occur on or around our campus. There is also ongoing confusion about the difference between UT Alert text and e-mail messages and the e-mails that everyone receives that always start with “Safety Notice” in the subject line.

Safety Tip of the Week: Personal Preparedness

UT wants you to be informed in an emergency, but it’s up to you to use that information wisely. What would you do if campus was evacuated? Where would you go? What would you take with you? Do your friends and family know your plan? Review this checklist to learn what you can do to reduce the personal impact of a disaster.

UT Alert and Safety Notices 101: Clery Act Geography

UT Police Department has received some questions about how they notify students about emergency situations that occur on or around our campus. The below information further explains which areas are covered by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act and would constitute a UT Alert or Safety Notice to be sent out.

Study: Invasive Brood Parasites a Threat to Native Bird Species

North Americans might be seeing new species of birds in certain areas of the continent in the near future. According to research conducted by a UT psychology professor, Eurasian birds are beginning to develop a presence on our continent, which could end up having a negative effect on native species.

WUOT: UT’s Gavrilets Discusses Evolution of Human Warfare


Sergey Gavrilets recently spoke with WUOT 91.9 FM about human warfare and how it has evolved over time. Gavrilets, distinguished professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, is one of the organizers of a three-day workshop that will explore warfare in human societies and how it has potentially acted as a source of natural selection for biological and cultural evolution.

Research Foundation Announces Invention Disclosure Portal


The UT Research Foundation announced on Tuesday the creation of a new secure, online portal for invention disclosures at the university. The Invention Disclosure Enterprise Application is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and is compatible with most operating systems and devices.