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Thomas Zawodzinski

Thomas Zawodzinski Governor’s Chair Professor Chemical Engineering Expertise: Thomas Zawodzinski is a UT-ORNL Governor’s Chair and an expert in energy conservation and storage. His work has focused on the creation of more efficient and effective fuel cells to power vehicles with no emissions. He’s also an expert in the development of battery technology along similar

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Cindy Welch

Cindy Welch Assistant Professor Information Sciences Expertise: Cindy Welch can discuss issues related to teens and reading, public libraries, young adult literature, children’s and young adult library services. Welch also can discuss the history and current operations of public libraries. Expertise Categories: Veterinary Medicine | Nuclear Medicine | Diagnostic Imaging Contact Information Email: Phone:

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Federica Morandi

Federica Morandi Associate Professor and Director of Radiological Services Small Animal Clinical Sciences Expertise: Federica Morandi can discuss issues related to diagnostic imaging. Her areas of main interest are CT and nuclear medicine, including PET/CT and her specific research focus is the imaging diagnosis of portosystemic shunts via scintigraphy and CT . Expertise Categories: Veterinary

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Xiaopeng Zhao

Xiaopeng Zhao Assistant Professor Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering Expertise: Xiaopeng Zhao can discuss cardiovascular mechanics, nonlinear dynamics and control, computational biology and infectious disease modeling. Expertise Categories: Computational Biology | Engineering | Cardiovascular Mechanics Contact Information: Email: Phone: 865 974-7682

Frank Hale

Frank Hale Professor Entomology and Plant Pathology, UT Extension Expertise: Frank Hale is an expert in integrated pest management of insect and mite pests of ornamental plants, turfgrass, fruit, vegetables and dark tobacco. He has worked extensively with the National Plant Diagnostic Network in their mission to upgrade the detection of exotic pests and disease.

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Flavia Brizio-Skov

Flavia Brizio-Skov Professor Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures Expertise: Flavia Brizio-Skov can discuss contemporary Italian literature, with an emphasis on critical theory, the problems of autobiography, postmodernism, metafiction, intertextuality, the collapse of literary genres, metahistory and the historical novel. Brizio-Skov also can discuss cultural studies and Italian cinema. Expertise Categories: Italian | Cinema | Literature

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Matthew Theriot

Matthew Theriot Associate Professor and Program Director Social Work Expertise: Matthew Theriot is director of the Bachelor of Science in Social Work program. Theriot can discuss juvenile justice, school violence, mental health and criminal justice, mental health stigmas, and social work education. Expertise Categories: Social Work Contact Information Email: Phone: 865-974-8109 Web:

Christine Egger

Christine Egger Professor Small Animal Clinical Sciences Expertise: Christine Egger can discuss anesthesia and pain management of veterinary patients, the development of sustained-relese opoid formulations, acupuncture and herbal medicine. Expertise Categories: Veterinary Medicine Contact Information Email: Phone: 865-974-8387 Web:

Stefan Spanier

Stefan Spanier Professor Physics and Astronomy Expertise: Stefan Spanier can discuss particle physics, the Big Bang, international research collaborations and research at particle accelerators such as Fermilab in Chicago and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. Expertise Categories: Physics Contact Information Email: Phone: 865-974-0597 Web:

Alan Windham

Alan Windham Professor Entomology and Plant Pathology Expertise: Alan Windham can discuss diseases of trees, ornamental plants and turfgrass. He is a member of the UT Dogwood Working Group, the UT Turf Team, and the UT Rose Team. Expertise Categories: Entomology | Plant Pathology Contact Information Email: Phone: 615-835-4572 Web: