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Katy Chiles

Katy Chiles Assistant Professor English Expertise: Katy Chiles can discuss African-American literature, early American studies and critical race theory. Her research focuses on how late 18th century beliefs about the potential mutability of the racialized body structures the way that early American literary texts characterize racial difference. Expertise Categories: African-American Literature | Early American |

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Devon Burr

Devon Burr Assistant Professor Earth and Planetary Sciences Expertise: Devon Burr is an expert in planetary geology, particularly of Mars and Titan. Her research focuses on understanding the evolution of these bodies as evidenced by their surface features. Burr is involved in investigations into flooding and fluvial (river-related), glacial, periglacial (ground ice) or wind-formed landscapes.

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T. Russell Crook

T. Russell Crook Assistant Professor Management Expertise: T. Russell Crook is an expert on international strategic management and enhancement. His research focuses on identifying the key levers that managers use in organizations to enhance performance. He has worked with several Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit organizations. Expertise Categories: International Strategic Management | Organization Enhancement Contact

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Karla McKanders

Karla McKanders Associate Professor Law Expertise: Karla McKanders’ research focuses on civil rights, immigration and asylum law and policy. She can discuss the constitutionality of recent state and local laws targeting immigrants as well as the legal connections between past discriminatory laws and current anti-immigrant legislation.  Expertise Categories: Civil Rights | Asylum Law | Immigration

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Joshua Emery

Joshua Emery Research Assistant Professor Earth and Planetary Sciences Expertise: Josh Emery is an expert in astronomy, particularly that of our own solar system. His research focuses on understanding surface compositions of bodies throughout the solar system, with an emphasis on ices (e.g., water ice, carbon dioxide ice, methane ice) and complex organic material. Emery

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Annette Wszelaki

Annette Wszelaki Assistant Professor Plant Sciences Expertise: Annette Wszelaki is the UT Vegetable Extension Specialist and has statewide responsibilities for developing a comprehensive educational program in commercial vegetable production. The main focuses of her extension program include production and variety recommendations, diversifying production, developing alternative crops, organic and sustainable production, crop sensory and nutrition evaluations

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Rex Cannon

Rex Cannon Adjunct Research Assistant Professor Psychology Expertise: Rex Cannon can discuss issues related to the brain, including clinical neuroscience, biological psychology, self-regulation and electroencephalogram (EEG) source localization. Cannon also can discuss low resolution brain electromagnetic tomography (LORETA), neuroimaging, neurocognitive testing, psychometrics and statistical modeling. Cannon received his B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. from the University

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Samuel Jackson

Samuel Jackson Research Assistant Professor Office of Bioenergy Programs Expertise: Samuel Jackson can discuss bioenergy, specifically the production of cellulosic ethanol, and feedstock production, harvesting, logistics and storage. Expertise Categories: Bioenergy | Forestry Contact Information Email: Phone: 865-946-1124 Web:

David Dupper

David Dupper Associate Professor Social Work Expertise: David Dupper can discuss issues related to school bullying, alternatives to suspension and positive approaches to school discipline. Expertise Categories: Bullying | School Discipline Contact Information Email: Phone: 865-974-5825 Web:

Vena Long

Vena Long Professor Theory and Practice in Teacher Education Expertise: Vena Long can discuss education issues such as teaching mathematics in rural areas, education policy, and assessment of education efficacy. Expertise Categories: Education | Assessment Contact Information Email: Phone: 865-974-5973 Web: