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Jered Sprecher

Jered Sprecher Assistant Professor Art Expertise: Jered Sprecher is an artist whose studio practice explores the “handwriting” of humankind. The vocabulary that he draws from is focused on the vast array of marks and images in one’s surroundings. From this vocabulary he samples visual motifs and imports them into his paintings and drawings. These works

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Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon

Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon Professor Education Expertise: Barbara Thayer-Bacon can discuss philosophy of education, feminist theory and pedagogy and cultural studies. Expertise Categories: Education | Feminism | Cultural Studies Contact Information Email: Phone: 865-974-9505 Web:

Wei He

Wei He Assistant Professor Materials Science and Engineering Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering Expertise: Wei He can discuss surface modification of biomedical implants, biomaterials for neural tissue repair and neural interface and polymers for drug delivery. Expertise Categories: Polymers | Biomaterials | Biomedical Implants Contact Information Email: Phone: 865-974-5275 Web:;

Justin Rhinehart

Justin Rhinehart Assistant Professor Animal Science Expertise: Justin Rhinehart has researched the use of dietary fat supplementation to alleviate the negative effects of endophyte-infected tall fescue on reproductive performance of beef heifers. He has also focused on pregnancy loss in cattle associated with changes in steroid hormone concentrations and placental development. He has served as

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John Scheb

John Scheb Professor and Head Political Science Expertise: John Scheb can discuss American government, constitutional law, civil rights and liberties, administrative law, criminal law and procedure, the judicial process and law in American society. Scheb is proficient in survey research and also has served as a consultant to numerous government agencies, political candidates, corporations, attorneys, interest

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Caula Beyl

Caula Beyl Professor and Dean Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Expertise: Caula Beyl has served as principal investigator or co-investigator on 41 funded research projects in various areas of horticulture, stress physiology and space biology.  Her research has resulted in several refereed research publications, seven book chapters, one book and 115 abstracts and presentations, which

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Stergios Botzakis

Stergios Botzakis Assistant Professor Theory and Practice in Teacher Education Expertise: Stergios Botzakis can discuss adolescent literacy, content area literacy, media literacy and graphic novels. His research includes secondary education and popular culture. Expertise Categories: Adolescent Literacy | Content Area Literacy | Media Literacy | Graphic Novels Contact Information Email: Phone: 865-974-6159 Web:

Katy Chiles

Katy Chiles Assistant Professor English Expertise: Katy Chiles can discuss African-American literature, early American studies and critical race theory. Her research focuses on how late 18th century beliefs about the potential mutability of the racialized body structures the way that early American literary texts characterize racial difference. Expertise Categories: African-American Literature | Early American |

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Devon Burr

Devon Burr Assistant Professor Earth and Planetary Sciences Expertise: Devon Burr is an expert in planetary geology, particularly of Mars and Titan. Her research focuses on understanding the evolution of these bodies as evidenced by their surface features. Burr is involved in investigations into flooding and fluvial (river-related), glacial, periglacial (ground ice) or wind-formed landscapes.

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T. Russell Crook

T. Russell Crook Assistant Professor Management Expertise: T. Russell Crook is an expert on international strategic management and enhancement. His research focuses on identifying the key levers that managers use in organizations to enhance performance. He has worked with several Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit organizations. Expertise Categories: International Strategic Management | Organization Enhancement Contact

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