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Monica Black

Monica Black Assistant Professor History Expertise: Monica Black’s expertise is modern Europe and Germany, especially post-1945. Expertise Categories: European and German History | 20th Century and Contemporary German and European Issues Contact Information Email:

Judson Laughter

Judson Laughter Assistant Professor English Education – Theory and Practice of Teacher Education Expertise: Judson Laughter’s research interests include multicultural teacher education and the preparation of pre-service teachers for the diverse classroom through dialogue and narrative. He is currently the advisor for the Track I English Education program and teaches courses in middle grades English

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Joshua Inwood

Joshua Inwood Assistant Professor Geography and Africana Studies Expertise: Joshua Inwood’s research interests center on urban (re)development, the processes of racialization, landscape studies, contested notions of identity as well as justice studies. His current research explores the United States’ first ever truth and reconciliation commission held in Greensboro, North Carolina. His research explores the results

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Devendra Potnis

Devendra Potnis Assistant Professor Information Sciences Expertise: Devendra Potnis can discuss the diffusion and adoption of information technology by small business in the US. Potnis also can discuss online education and e-learning management systems, information technology innovations in microfinance, and information technology consultation via non-governmental organizations in developing countries. Expertise Categories: Microfinance | Information Technology | Online

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Arthur Ruggles

Arthur Ruggles Professor Nuclear Engineering Expertise: Arthur Ruggles specializes in transient thermal-hydraulic behavior, water-hammer and fluid-acoustic behavior. Ruggles has worked in nuclear reactor transient analysis and reactor safety and reactor design for 25 years. He recently assisted in the safety case supporting adjustments to nuclear electric power reactors that will add over 500 million watts

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Edmund Perfect

Edmund Perfect Professor Earth and Planetary Sciences Expertise: Edmund Perfect can discuss the development of new methods and models, particularly those based on fractal geometry, for characterizing the hydraulic properties of Earth materials. Perfect also can discuss neutron imaging of fluids in porous media, and how to upscale model parameters obtained at the pore-scale to

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Michael Gilchrist

Michael Gilchrist Associate Professor Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Expertise: Michael Gilchrist can discuss evolutionary theory, molecular evolution, protein translation, mathematical biology and host-pathogen evolution. Expertise Categories: Biology | Evolution Contact Information Email: Phone: 865-974-6453 Web:

Jerome Baudry

Jerome Baudry Assistant Professor Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology   Expertise: Jerome Baudry specializes in developing and using high-performance supercomputers and cloud computational architectures to identify chemicals that possess a biological effect. His research and development work uses the world’s most powerful supercomputers to accelerate the discovery of new and potent pharmaceuticals and to

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Joshua S. Fu

Joshua S. Fu Associate Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering Expertise: Joshua Fu’s research work includes climatic changes, environmental impact assessments, air pollution modeling and energy usages on air quality, land use (satellite applications) and emissions. He also focuses on the impacts of extreme events on health, the impacts of transportation planning, diesel track emission effects

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Nathan Kelly

Nathan Kelly Assistant Professor Political Science Expertise: Nathan Kelly is an expert in American politics, political economy and public policy. His research focuses on the causes and consequences of economic inequality, public opinion, voting behavior and social policy. He has published numerous articles in scholarly journals and is the author of “The Politics of Income

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