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Nathan Lee

Nathan Lee Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology Small Animal Clinical Sciences Expertise: Nathan Lee can provide expertise on radiation and oncology treatments for animals, end of life animal care and palliative care for animals. Expertise Categories: Radiation and Oncology Treatments for Animals | End of Life Animal Care | Palliative Care for Animals Contact Information

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Gong Gu

Gong Gu Associate Professor Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Expertise: Gong Gu works at the interdisciplinary junction of physics, materials science and electrical engineering. His current research interest is in graphene-based devices for RF and other applications. He also has extensive experience with organic semiconductor electronic and optoelectronic devices. Expertise Categories: Novel Electronic Devices Based

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Chad Autry

Chad Autry Associate Professor Logistics Expertise: Chad Autry’s business background includes several years experience in retail and restaurant operations management. He also served as an information technology consultant prior to his move to academics. His research focuses primarily on supply chain network design with specific attention placed on issues related to relationship integration and technological

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Paul Terry

Paul Terry Associate Professor Public Health Expertise: Paul Terry’s expertise include epidemiology, mortality statistics, cancer etiology, epidemiological studies, clinical trials, chronic diseases, nutrition and life expectancy. Expertise Categories: Epidemiology | Mortality Statistics | Cancer Etiology | Epidemiological Studies | Clinical Trials | Chronic Disease | Nutrition | Life Expectancy Contact Information Email: Phone: 865-974-1108

Ryann Aoukar

Ryann Aoukar Associate Professor Architecture and Design Expertise: Ryann Aoukar has twelve plus years of professional experience as an interior designer with Gensler and Associates and has worked as the lead interior designer for Rem Koolhaas, OMA, Rotterdam. His experience spans from large corporate designs to hospitality and residential design. He taught previously in Reims

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Monica Black

Monica Black Assistant Professor History Expertise: Monica Black’s expertise is modern Europe and Germany, especially post-1945. Expertise Categories: European and German History | 20th Century and Contemporary German and European Issues Contact Information Email:

Judson Laughter

Judson Laughter Assistant Professor English Education – Theory and Practice of Teacher Education Expertise: Judson Laughter’s research interests include multicultural teacher education and the preparation of pre-service teachers for the diverse classroom through dialogue and narrative. He is currently the advisor for the Track I English Education program and teaches courses in middle grades English

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Joshua Inwood

Joshua Inwood Assistant Professor Geography and Africana Studies Expertise: Joshua Inwood’s research interests center on urban (re)development, the processes of racialization, landscape studies, contested notions of identity as well as justice studies. His current research explores the United States’ first ever truth and reconciliation commission held in Greensboro, North Carolina. His research explores the results

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Devendra Potnis

Devendra Potnis Assistant Professor Information Sciences Expertise: Devendra Potnis can discuss the diffusion and adoption of information technology by small business in the US. Potnis also can discuss online education and e-learning management systems, information technology innovations in microfinance, and information technology consultation via non-governmental organizations in developing countries. Expertise Categories: Microfinance | Information Technology | Online

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Arthur Ruggles

Arthur Ruggles Professor Nuclear Engineering Expertise: Arthur Ruggles specializes in transient thermal-hydraulic behavior, water-hammer and fluid-acoustic behavior. Ruggles has worked in nuclear reactor transient analysis and reactor safety and reactor design for 25 years. He recently assisted in the safety case supporting adjustments to nuclear electric power reactors that will add over 500 million watts

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