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Bacteria the Newest Tool in Detecting Environmental Damage

Terry Hazen

Terry Hazen, the Governor’s Chair for Environmental Biotechnology, a joint UT-ORNL appointment, is working with a team of researchers who have developed a method of using bacteria to help test for the presence of a wide array of pollutants.

Michael Wiseman

Michael Wiseman Video Production Specialist Journalism and Electronic Media Expertise: Michael Wiseman can discuss video production technology, writing for television and film, educational media design and technology, and video post production. Expertise Categories: Communication | Video Production | Writing Contact Information Email: Phone: 865-566-4422

Michelle Epstein Garland

Michelle Epstein Garland Graduate Teaching Associate Communication Studies Expertise: Michelle Epstein Garland can discuss instructional communication, interpersonal communication, business and professional communication, and assessment and evaluation. Expertise Categories: Communication | Assessment and Evaluation Contact Information Email: Phone: 865-974-0696 Web:

Patrick Dunn

Patrick Dunn Associate Professor of Counselor Education Educational Psychology and Counseling Coordinator, Rehabilitation Counseling Program Expertise: Patrick Dunn can discuss vocational testing and assessment, job analysis and placement, disabled and displaced workers, the loss of earning capacity, industrial rehabilitation, and disability management. Expertise Categories: Psychology | Education | Counseling | Rehabilitation Contact Information Email:

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Margaret Lazarus Dean

Margaret Lazarus Dean Assistant Professor English Expertise: Margaret Lazarus Dean studies the history and culture of American human spaceflight, especially as reflected in literature and popular culture. Her first novel, The Time It Takes to Fall, chronicles the space shuttle Challenger disaster from the point of view of a thirteen-year-old girl living on Florida’s space

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Nathan Lee

Nathan Lee Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology Small Animal Clinical Sciences Expertise: Nathan Lee can provide expertise on radiation and oncology treatments for animals, end of life animal care and palliative care for animals. Expertise Categories: Radiation and Oncology Treatments for Animals | End of Life Animal Care | Palliative Care for Animals Contact Information

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Gong Gu

Gong Gu Associate Professor Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Expertise: Gong Gu works at the interdisciplinary junction of physics, materials science and electrical engineering. His current research interest is in graphene-based devices for RF and other applications. He also has extensive experience with organic semiconductor electronic and optoelectronic devices. Expertise Categories: Novel Electronic Devices Based

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