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University Center Closing and Student Union Opening Schedule


When you arrive back to school in August, you’ll notice a few changes around campus. The most noticeable project will be the first phase of the new Student Union, scheduled to open in early June. The first phase will feature the VolShop and VolTech stores, campus dining, and Career Services. The second phase will include additional campus dining, event and meeting spaces, and lounges, among other features.

Senior Directs Documentary Featured in Festival


With a couple of films already to his credit, Ben Murphy is part of UT’s first graduating class of cinema studies majors. The new cinema studies program, part of the College of Arts and Sciences, offers an interdisciplinary major and minor devoted to studying the artistic, cultural, and political dimensions of motion pictures.

UT Research Foundation Hosts ‘Opportunity Now’

Do you have a great invention idea, but just don’t know what to do next?  How do you turn your idea into a product? Are you certain that you even know who your audience really is? How do you go about reaching the right people to get your idea out there? And how do you

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UT Students Encouraged to Enter ‘The Next MacGyver’ Contest


The 1980s television program MacGyver sparked interest in science. The National Academy of Engineering is hoping it can serve as inspiration to a new generation, and is sponsoring a contest for ideas for a show that would feature a female engineer in the lead role. UT students—male or female, engineer or not—are encouraged to enter.

3D-Printed Shelby Cobra to be on Hand for Orange and White Game

The Shelby Cobra 3D printed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which served as a hallmark of American ingenuity during President Barack Obama’s East Tennessee visit in January, will be on display in the plaza near Gate 21 at the Orange and White Game.