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WBIR: Salamanders: Exploring a small species of the Smokies


WBIR-TV Channel 10 highlighted UT graduate student Todd Pierson in a story about species of salamanders in the Smokies. The national park is home to thirty different species, making it informally the Salamander Capital of the World, according to the news outlet.

Bring Home for the Holidays!

While you’re home relaxing, remember that your UTK subscription to offers many tutorials that can help you manage your school and personal life. Log in to your account by going to the OIT page from any device.

Keep Your Belongings Safe During Winter Break

The UT Police Department wishes you a safe and enjoyable holiday season during the upcoming winter break. During the break, campus and surrounding areas will be quiet with students, faculty, and staff leaving for the holidays. The change in campus activity affects how you need to think about safety.