Alumni News

Women in STEM Symposium Provides Students a Chance to Shine

The Women in STEM Research Symposium returns to UT on March 21, bringing together students, faculty, and researchers for a day recognizing and strengthening the role of women in science, technology, engineering, and math fields.

NIMBioS Study: Power of Shared Pain Triggers Extreme Self-Sacrifice

The extreme self-sacrificial behavior found in suicide bombers and soldiers presents an evolutionary puzzle: how can a trait that calls for an individual to make the ultimate sacrifice, especially in defense of a group of non-family members, persist over evolutionary time?

Air Force Promotes Grad to Four-Star General, Head of Air Combat Command

A UT alumnus and Knoxville native is set to assume one of the highest offices in the United States armed forces: US Air Force Lieutenant General Mike Holmes, a 1981 electrical engineering graduate, has been promoted to four-star general and assumes leadership of the Air Force’s Air Combat Command.