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Researchers Use Supercomputer to Map the Earth’s Magnetosphere to Predict and Prepare for Space Weather Events

The Earth has a shield which can protect it from damaging solar particles. However, this shield can be infiltrated and the result can be a disruption of power grids and communications networks, and radiation on Earth. Researchers using supercomputers at the National Institute for Computational Sciences are creating a topological map of Earth’s magnetosphere, allowing them to closely study how space weather affects our magnetosphere.

Award-Winning Engineering Education Author to Speak at Engineering’s 175th Anniversary Gala

Celeste Baine, a biomedical engineer, director of the Engineering Education Service Center, and the award-winning author of more than twenty books on engineering careers and education, will be a guest speaker at the College of Engineering’s Gala Celebration of 175 years of engineering instruction on October 4. The event caps off a full day of events

WBIR-TV: New Tickle Engineering building ready for UT fall semester

Several news outlets including WBIR-TV covered the opening of the new John D. Tickle Engineering Building this fall. Officials gave a tour of the five-story, 110,000-square-foot building which has been under construction for more than two-and-a-half years. It will house the Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Industrial and Systems Engineering.