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News Sentinel: PC pioneer Mark Dean returns to UT as educator

After 34 years with IBM, Mark Dean feels right back at home in his new office in the Min Kao Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building. Dean is responsible for designing the personal computer, the first gigahertz processor, and the once the world’s most powerful supercomputer, the Blue Gene. He ran multiple research teams all over

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Researchers Use Supercomputer to Map the Earth’s Magnetosphere to Predict and Prepare for Space Weather Events

The Earth has a shield which can protect it from damaging solar particles. However, this shield can be infiltrated and the result can be a disruption of power grids and communications networks, and radiation on Earth. Researchers using supercomputers at the National Institute for Computational Sciences are creating a topological map of Earth’s magnetosphere, allowing them to closely study how space weather affects our magnetosphere.

MSNBC: Streets bearing MLK’s name often in worst part of town

Derek Alderman, geography department head, was interviewed by MSNBC for a story which takes a look back at Martin Luther King’s legacy by analyzing the streets across the country that bear his name. Alderman has studied the names of these streets for fifteen years. His current work seeks to create a closer dialogue between the

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WATE: Knoxville expert on Mars gains national attention

Earth and Planetary Sciences Professor Harry “Hap” McSween was featured by WATE-TV. He is on a two-year run of accolades. He has received Southeastern Conference Professor of the Year, the National Academy of Science J. Lawrence Smith medal, and most recently the Whipple Award, which honors scientists who have made major contributions in the field

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Award-Winning Engineering Education Author to Speak at Engineering’s 175th Anniversary Gala

Celeste Baine, a biomedical engineer, director of the Engineering Education Service Center, and the award-winning author of more than twenty books on engineering careers and education, will be a guest speaker at the College of Engineering’s Gala Celebration of 175 years of engineering instruction on October 4. The event caps off a full day of events

WBIR-TV: New Tickle Engineering building ready for UT fall semester

Several news outlets including WBIR-TV covered the opening of the new John D. Tickle Engineering Building this fall. Officials gave a tour of the five-story, 110,000-square-foot building which has been under construction for more than two-and-a-half years. It will house the Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Industrial and Systems Engineering.

News Sentinel: UT engineering hires faculty, grows enrollment

The Knoxville News Sentinel featured an article about the growth of the College of Engineering. Over the last five years, the college has grown its undergraduate enrollment 37 percent, and it has a multimillion dollar plan to continue that growth over the next five years, according to the article. After a pitch to the governor

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WBIR-TV: UT studies red light camera ticketing tricks

WBIR-TV and WATE-TV and other local outlets featured a UT study which analyzed the dilemmas in sustaining red light camera programs to determine if traffic control measures intended to boost red light revenue—such as shortening yellow light time or increasing the speed limit on a street—compromise safety. The study by professors Lee Han, Chris Cherry

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USA Today: Houses of tomorrow, brought to you by today’s students

George Dodds, chair of the graduate architecture program, was interviewed by USA Today about sustainable building. He said there is “no question about it” that today’s students are demanding to learn about regenerative design. “Just as home buyers are now consciously looking for more energy efficient, or even energy-neutral houses, so too are students motivated

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WBIR: UT program helps students make a career switch to nursing

Gary Ramsey, a clinical assistant professor in the College of Nursing, and nursing student Theresa Benedikter spoke to WBIR’s Beth Haynes about the College of Nursing’s accelerated nursing program. This week, accelerated nursing students will graduate. The year-long program is aimed at people who already have degrees and jobs in another field who are making

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