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In the News: NIMBioS Tuberculosis Vaccine Study

Knoxville News Sentinel

A team of UT researchers is working with undergraduate students from across the country to better understand how the human body responds to tuberculosis infection by linking mathematical and biological studies. They hope to eventually build a better TB vaccine. They are conducting the research through the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS). The News Sentinel

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BBC: Is the Himalayan Yeti a Real Animal?


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) recently featured Vladimir Dinets, assistant research professor in the Department of Psychology, in a story about the Yeti, a mythical creature described as an enormous, shaggy ape-man with huge feet and aggressive sabre-like teeth. Scientists suggest various theories about what the creature is, ranging from a bear to an ape. “There are

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Biologists search local rivers to shed light on mudpuppies

Knoxville News Sentinel

The News Sentinel recently featured Ben Fitzpatrick, associate professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, in a story about mudpuppies, one of the largest aquatic salamanders in the eastern US. Fitzpatrick’s research focuses on population genetics, conservation biology and vertebrate biology. Read the full News Sentinel story online. (login required)  

UT Board Approves 3 Percent Tuition Increase and Employee Raises

Jimmy Cheek_BOT

The UT Board of Trustees approved a 3 percent tuition increase as part of UT Knoxville’s $1.06 billion new fiscal year budget, which begins July 1. Due to increases in state funding, all UT System campuses held tuition increases to 3 percent for undergraduates. It has been nineteen years since UT Knoxville last held its

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UT Board Honors the Memory of President Emeritus Boling


At Thursday’s UT Board of Trustees meeting, President Joe DiPietro led a special tribute to President Emeritus Ed Boling, who died on June 18. DiPietro recognized Boling’s three sons and other family members who attended the meeting. Vice Chair Jim Murphy introduced a moment of silence. UT President Emeritus Joe Johnson shared thoughts about his

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UT dialect coach teaches actors authentic accents


The Clarence Brown Theatre will open its season this September with a comedy called The 39 Steps. It features four actors playing more than 100 characters. Those characters require the American actors to use British and Scottish accents and they’re getting some training from UT’s new dialect coach Abi Langham. WBIR-TV Channel 10 recently featured Langham

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In the News: Anthropology Research Facility’s Outdoor Recovery Course

Twenty-four law enforcement personnel from thirteen agencies across the United States are taking part in a five-day outdoor recovery course this week at the Anthropology Research Facility. They are recovering human remains and learning how to obtain evidence from decomposed and buried bodies. The training will better prepare them for the range and variation of homicide scenes

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