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Carol Tenopir

Carol TenopirProfessor and DirectorSchool of Information Sciences Expertise:Information industry; Online reference services; Information access and retrieval; Center for Information and Communication Studies Expertise Categories: Information Systems | Information Technology Contact Information Email: ctenopir@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-7911Web:

Deborah Welsh

Deborah WelshAssociate ProfessorPsychology Department Expertise:Adolescent romantic relationships Expertise Categories: Children | Family | Psychology Contact Information Email: dwelsch@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-8540Web:

John Rabun

John RabunProfessorCollege of Architecture and Design Expertise:Historic preservation Expertise Categories: Art Contact Information Email: jrabun@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-3272Web:

Susan Riechert

Susan RiechertProfessorEcology and Evolutionary Biology Department Expertise:Spiders; Animal behavior Expertise Categories: Animals Contact Information Email: sriecher@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-6187Web:

Cheryl Travis

Cheryl TravisProfessor and ChairPsychology Department Expertise:Women’s access to medical care; Chair of Women’s Studies Expertise Categories: Gender issues | Health | Medicine | Sociology Contact Information Email: ctravis@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-6843Web:

Christian Vossler

Christian VosslerAssistant ProfessorEconomics Department Expertise:Environmental Economics; Health Economics Expertise Categories: Economics | Environment | Health Contact Information Email: cvossler@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-1699Web:

Emmit Rawls

Emmit RawlsProfessorAgricultural Economics Department Expertise:Agricultural economics; Beef cattle economics; Livestock outlook; Future market and price risk management Expertise Categories: Agriculture | Animals | Business | Economics Contact Information Email: elrawls@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-7271Web:

Karen Tobias

Karen TobiasProfessorCollege of Veterinary Medicine Expertise:Small animal soft tissue surgery (portosystemic shunts) Expertise Categories: Animals | Veterinary Medicine Contact Information Email: ktobias@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-7377Web:

Dan Valentine

Dan ValentineAssociate DirectorHearing and Speech Center Expertise:Stuttering; English as a second language; Dialect reduction; Reading disorders Expertise Categories: Communication | Education | Speech disorders Contact Information Email: valentin@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-4647Web:

Casey Sams

Casey SamsAssistant ProfessorTheatre Department Expertise:Theatre movement and Choreography; Musical theatre; Theatre for young audiences Expertise Categories: Children | Music | Theatre Contact Information Email: jsams1@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-0806Web: