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Anton Reece

Anton ReeceDirectorStudent Success Center Expertise:Reece can discuss student success, student activities. Expertise Categories: Student Life Contact Information Email: areece@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-5455Web:

Juergen Schumacher

Juergen SchumacherAssociate Professor and DirectorCollege of Veterinary Medicine Expertise:Zoo animal medicine; director of avian and zoological medicine Expertise Categories: Animals | Veterinary Medicine Contact Information Email: jschumacher@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-7377Web:

Amy Skinner

Amy SkinnerAssociate ProfessorEducational Psychology and Counseling Department Expertise:Rehabilitation counseling; Psychiatric disabilities; Mental illness; Certified rehabilitation counselor; Licensed professional counselor-mental health service provider; National certified counselor Expertise Categories: Counseling | Psychology Contact Information Email: askinner@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-8090Web:

Mickey Sims

Mickey SimsProfessor and DirectorCollege of Veterinary Medicine Expertise:Auditory testing in animals; Dog bite prevention in children Expertise Categories: Animals | Audiology | Children | Veterinary Medicine Contact Information Email: msims@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-5820Web:

Engin Serpersu

Engin SerpersuProfessorBiochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology Department Expertise:Antibiotic resistance and drug design Expertise Categories: Drugs | Medicine Contact Information Email: serpersu@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-2668Web:

Alisa Schoenbach

Alisa SchoenbachAssistant ProfessorEnglish Department Expertise:20th century literature; Philosophy and literature; Novel Expertise Categories: English | Literature | Philosophy Contact Information Email: aschoenb@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-4839Web:

Casey Sams

Casey SamsAssistant ProfessorTheatre Department Expertise:Theatre movement and Choreography; Musical theatre; Theatre for young audiences Expertise Categories: Children | Music | Theatre Contact Information Email: jsams1@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-0806Web:

Tulio Prado

Tulio PradoAssistant ProfessorCollege of Veterinary Medicine Expertise:Animal reproductive surgery; Animal embryo transfer; Bull infertility Expertise Categories: Animals | Livestock | Veterinary Medicine Contact Information Email: 865-974-7377Web:

Lois Presser

Lois PresserAssistant ProfessorSociology Department Expertise:Criminological theory; Social constructionism; Gender and crime; Restorative justice Expertise Categories: Business | Government Contact Information Email: lpresser@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-7024Web:

Tim Rials

Tim RialsProfessorForestry, Wildlife and Fisheries Department Expertise:Biofuels; Wood and polymers; Biomass assessment; Forestry; SunGrant Initiative Expertise Categories: Agriculture | Biology Contact Information Email: trials@utk.eduPhone: 865-946-1116Web: