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Daryll Ray

Daryll RayProfessorAgricultural Economics Department Expertise:Agricultural impact of natural disasters; Food prices Expertise Categories: Agriculture | Economics | Food | Natural disasters Contact Information Email: dray@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-7407Web:

Tim Rials

Tim RialsProfessorForestry, Wildlife and Fisheries Department Expertise:Biofuels; Wood and polymers; Biomass assessment; Forestry; SunGrant Initiative Expertise Categories: Agriculture | Biology Contact Information Email: trials@utk.eduPhone: 865-946-1116Web:

John Rabun

John RabunProfessorCollege of Architecture and Design Expertise:Historic preservation Expertise Categories: Art Contact Information Email: jrabun@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-3272Web:

David Royse

David RoyseAssociate ProfessorSchool of Music Expertise:Music education Expertise Categories: Education | Music Contact Information Email: droyse@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-7526Web:

Emmit Rawls

Emmit RawlsProfessorAgricultural Economics Department Expertise:Agricultural economics; Beef cattle economics; Livestock outlook; Future market and price risk management Expertise Categories: Agriculture | Animals | Business | Economics Contact Information Email: elrawls@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-7271Web:

Lloyd Rinehart

Lloyd RinehartAssociate ProfessorMarketing and Logistics Department Expertise:Contract negotiation Expertise Categories: Business | Psychology Contact Information Email: rinehart@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-1651Web:

Anton Reece

Anton ReeceDirectorStudent Success Center Expertise:Reece can discuss student success, student activities. Expertise Categories: Student Life Contact Information Email: areece@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-5455Web:

Tulio Prado

Tulio PradoAssistant ProfessorCollege of Veterinary Medicine Expertise:Animal reproductive surgery; Animal embryo transfer; Bull infertility Expertise Categories: Animals | Livestock | Veterinary Medicine Contact Information Email: 865-974-7377Web:

Susan Riechert

Susan RiechertProfessorEcology and Evolutionary Biology Department Expertise:Spiders; Animal behavior Expertise Categories: Animals Contact Information Email: sriecher@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-6187Web:

Charles Reynolds

Charles ReynoldsProfessorReligious Studies Department Expertise:Legal ethics; Ethical, cultural and political issues; Politics and religion; Holocaust; Democracy Expertise Categories: Ethics | Holocaust | Politics | Religion Contact Information Email: creynol2@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-2466Web: