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Robert Norrell

Robert NorrellProfessorHistory Department Expertise:Civil rights movement; Race relations in the South Expertise Categories: History | Race issues | Sociology Contact Information Email: rnorell@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-1130Web:

David Northington

David NorthingtonProfessorSchool of Music Expertise:Piano Expertise Categories: Music Contact Information Email: dnorthin@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-0624Web:

Michael Olson

Michael OlsonAssistant ProfessorPsychology Department Expertise:Prejudice and cultural diversity; Persuasion in advertising; Anxiety in interracial interactions Expertise Categories: Advertising | Psychology | Race issues | Sociology Contact Information Email: molson2@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-8264Web:

Vincent Pantalone

Vincent PantaloneAssociate ProfessorPlant Sciences Department Expertise:Soybean health and maintenance; Soybean breeding and genetics Expertise Categories: Agriculture | Food Contact Information Email: vpantalo@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-8801Web:

Mary Papke

Mary PapkeProfessor and Associate DeanEnglish Department Expertise:Associate dean of the graduate school; 19th and 20th century American literature; Women writers; Gender studies; Feminist studies Expertise Categories: English | Literature Contact Information Email: papke@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-4845Web:

Bill Park

Bill ParkProfessorAgricultural Economics Department Expertise:Rural economic development; Resource economics; Environmental economics Expertise Categories: Conservation | Environmental Policy Contact Information Email: wpark@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-7231Web:

James Parks

James ParksLaboratory DirectorPhysics and Astronomy Department Expertise:Magnetism; History of properties and uses of light Expertise Categories: Physics Contact Information Email: jeparks@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-8952Web:

Charles Patrick

Charles PatrickProfessorEntomology and Plant Pathology Department Expertise:Forage diseases and pests; Insect pest management in corn, forages, sorghum, small grains, and forage insects Expertise Categories: Agriculture Contact Information Email: russ1212@utk.eduPhone: 731-425-4718Web:

Sharon Patton

Sharon PattonProfessorCollege of Veterinary Medicine Expertise:Bacterial pathogens (E.coli, Listeria) Expertise Categories: Biology | Safety | Veterinary Medicine Contact Information Email: spatton@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-7377Web:

Denise Phillips

Denise PhillipsAssistant ProfessorHistory Department Expertise:History of science in Europe and Germany Expertise Categories: Europe | History Contact Information Email: aphill13@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-1473Web: