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Silke Hecht

Silke Hecht Associate Professor of Radiology Small Animal Clinical Sciences Expertise: Silke Hecht is a veterinary radiologist who can discuss magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology, neuroimaging and other forms of diagnostic imaging, especially small animal diagnostic ultrasound. Hecht also can discuss theory and practice in veterinary education. Expertise Categories: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) | Neuroimaging

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Jan Williams

Jan R. Williams Dean, Professor Business Expertise: Jan R. Williams can discuss corporate financial reporting and accounting education. He has been a faculty member since 1977. He previously served on the faculties at the University of Georgia and Texas Tech University. He is a CPA in Tennessee and Arkansas. He is the co-author of three

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Anthony Nownes

Anthony Nownes Professor Department of Political Science Expertise: Anthony Nownes is an expert on interest groups and lobbying in the United States. He has conducted research on local, state and national interest groups and lobbying. His latest book, “Total Lobbying: What Lobbyists Want (and How They Try to Get It),” was published by Cambridge University

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Robert (Tom) Ladd

Robert (Tom) Ladd Professor and Associate Dean College of Business Administration Expertise: Executive selection; Workplace employee assessment; 360 degree appraisal Expertise Categories: Business | Psychology Contact Information Email: Phone: 865-974-1678 Web:

Heather Hirschfeld

Heather Hirschfeld Associate Professor English Expertise: Heather Hirschfeld can discuss Shakespeare and Renaissance drama. Hirschfeld also is the incoming director of UT’s Marco Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Expertise Categories: Literature Contact Information Email: Phone: 865-974-6948 Web:

Michael Handelsman

Michael Handelsman Professor Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures Department Expertise: Central and Latin America; U.S. Hispanic population; Ecuadorian culture (Latin American culture) Expertise Categories: Foreign culture | Latin America | Sociology Contact Information Email: Phone: 865-974-7010 Web:

Heather Douglas

Heather Douglas Associate Professor Philosophy Expertise: Heather Douglas can discuss urban revitalization, Latin America, rainforests and the global economy. NOTE: Dr. Douglas is on leave in Pittsburgh, Penn., through the end of 2011. Expertise Categories: Latin America | Philosophy Contact Information Email: Phone: 865-974-7206 Web:

Amy Broemmel

Amy Broemmel Associate Professor Theory and Practice in Teacher Education Expertise: Amy Broemmel can discuss literacy, elementary and teacher education, and writing and reading instruction. Expertise Categories: Education Contact Information Email: Phone: 865-974-4225 Web:

Stephanie Bohon

Stephanie Bohon Associate Professor Sociology Expertise: Stephanie Bohon is best known for her work on the growth and needs of Latino migrants in the South. This work examines the difference between Latino migrant adjustment in traditional gateways such as Miami and Houston and emerging gateways such as Atlanta and Nashville. She is the founder and

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Harold Black

Harold Black James F. Smith Professor Finance Expertise: Harold Black can discuss banking, the monetary system, financial markets and financial institutions. Expertise Categories: Business Contact Information Email: Phone: 865-974-1721 Web: