What is Tennessee Today?

Tennessee Today is an electronic publication produced by the Office of Communications and Marketing for the benefit of UT faculty and staff employed in the Knoxville area.

Tennessee Today shares good news and features faculty, staff and students who are doing interesting things and making a positive difference in the lives of others. Tennessee Today also shares information on policies, procedures and communications regarding the official business of the university.

Tennessee Today is distributed via e-mail to its subscribers daily during the academic year, with a reduced distribution schedule during holidays and the summer semester. The Tennessee Today website is updated daily. Subscribe to the e-mail here.

Submission Guidelines

Tennessee Today welcomes submissions from employees and students regarding upcoming events, honors and other news. The editor selects and approves all content for Tennessee Today, and reserves the right to edit all listings for content and space considerations.

To submit an item for possible inclusion in Tennessee Today, e-mail tennesseetoday@utk.edu.

Inquiries about these procedures should be sent to tennesseetoday@utk.edu.