UT-led IACMI Featured in Breaking Energy

iacmi-TNTBreaking Energy, a leading website for research, analysis and opinion on key areas of the energy sector recently featured news on IACMI, the $259 million Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation that President Obama announced that UT would lead during his January, 2015 visit to East Tennessee.

In an article penned by the U.S. Department of Energy’s David Danielson titled “3 Ways Our Manufacturing Institutes Are Changing The Clean Energy Game,” IACMI is singled out as the first example of that change.

Danielson noted several aspects of IACMI, including its wide reach and its impact on materials research, including:

  • The new materials help improve clean energy technologies
  • Advanced composites help wind power manufacturers build bigger and stronger blades to generate more electricity
  • Advanced composites reduce the weight of a typical passenger car by half, boosting efficiency without sacrificing performance and safety