Anton’s Tips for College Success


antonIt’s that time of yearclasses have started and a new semester is well underway. Whether you’re a new or returning student, it’s never too soon to plan for a successful semester.

We asked Anton Reece, executive director of the Student Success Center, for some advice on how UT students can achieve success during their time in college.

Here are his top ten tips:

Go to class–This may seem obvious, but the perils of not attending class cannot be understated. Though it is tempting to get notes from a classmate, skipping class means missing the professor’s comments on test material or instructions for assignments. It could also negatively impact the professor’s perception of you. Make it your goal to attend every class this semester.

Get to know your professors–Your professors are incredible resources. Don’t miss the opportunity to talk to your professor and TAs about your class. Stop by office hours or schedule an appointment if you have specific questions about class. If you are enjoying your class, be sure to let your professor know that too!

Get involved–A well-rounded education means spending time learning inside and outside of the classroom. Check out the Center for Student Engagement and the Center for Leadership and Service for opportunities to get involved on campus.

volresourcesGet help–Sometimes it takes a village, and that’s okay. UT is full of academic and student support services and every staff member’s goal is to help you.  Check out Vol Resources and the Student Success Center for information on a wide variety of support available to UT students.

Manage your time–College students struggle the most with time management skills. Start each semester off right by reading all your course syllabi and mapping out your busy weeks. Utilize calendars, planners, and task lists to stay on track. If you need help, contact a Student Success Center Academic Coach.

Make a study plan–Once you’ve taken a look at your semester as a whole, take some time to map out a weekly study plan. Make a commitment to study at a certain time, on a certain day, in a certain location, and reward yourself when you follow through on your plan!

SSCSILearn how you study best–Studying is a learned skill and everyone studies in a different way. Think about how, where, and when you study best. Do you need a quiet location? Do you study better with music? Be strategic about your studying to make the most out of your time. If you need help learning the material, look into tutoring and supplemental instruction.

Stay focused on your goals–Nothing helps you stay motivated and focused more than remembering why you came to UT in the first place. When classes get tough or motivation wanes, think about your goals to help you keep moving in the right direction.

Avoid distractions–We all know what distracts us most, so be proactive in dealing with these distractions. If roommates keep you from studying, go to the library. If social media keeps you from accomplishing your tasks, turn off your phone or log off Twitter and Instagram. Finally, make a plan for your free time and study time, and then stick to it.

Don’t wait until the last minute–Believe it or not, the time to start preparing for mid-terms is now. Cramming is one of the least helpful methods of studying, so lay a strong foundation for your success by completing all your weekly readings and staying on top of your assignments.