Bloomberg interviews Chris Cherry on China’s e-bike problems

Chris Cherry

Chris Cherry interviewed Chris Cherry, an associate professor in the College of Engineering’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, for its recent story on some of the safety issues plaguing electronic bicycle use in China.

The article, Carnage on China Roads Shows Dark Side of Electric Bikes, highlights the growing injury rate linked to the use of the bike—as high as 57 percent in one province—and the fact that they are treated like normal bicycles by authorities, meaning no rules pertaining to motor vehicles apply and users aren’t required to pass proficiency tests with them.

Add in top speeds of 25 miles per hour and use by close to 200 million people, often in China’s biggest cities, and the article feels you have a recipe for disaster.

“Simply put, e-bikes couple very low costs with very high mobility, making them very attractive,” Cherry told Bloomberg.

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