Ride Along with UTPD’s Tweet-Along on Thursday, February 27

utpdThe university community will have the chance to ride along with the university police on Thursday, February 27—virtually, that is.

The UT Police Department is hosting a Tweet-Along on its official Twitter account to show the campus community a day in the life of its officers.

Officers from the Community Relations Unit will ride along with shift officers from 8:00 a.m. Thursday until 8:00 a.m. Friday and will share on Twitter calls for service and officer-initiated activity that occur.

“This is a great opportunity to share with our community the work our department is doing,” said Troy Lane, UT chief of police. “We’re excited to show our students a glimpse into the typical day for UTPD officers, and that keeping the campus safe is our top priority.”

Three officers will share Tweet-Along duties for the twenty-four-hour period: Sergeant Cedric Roach, Corporal Kelly Mihalik, and Officer Lindsey Miller. The officers will share the day’s activities only after a scene or incident has been cleared.

Follow the Tweet-Along on UTPD’s Twitter account by following @UTPolice, or by following the hashtag #UTPDbeat on Thursday, February 27. For some useful abbreviations that will be used during the Tweet-Along, view this list.

C O N T A C T :

Sergeant Cedric Roach (865-974-1094, croach7@utk.edu)

Corporal Kelly Mihalik (865-974-9422, kmihalik@utk.edu)