Jered Sprecher


Jered Sprecher
Assistant Professor

Jered Sprecher is an artist whose studio practice explores the “handwriting” of humankind. The vocabulary that he draws from is focused on the vast array of marks and images in one’s surroundings. From this vocabulary he samples visual motifs and imports them into his paintings and drawings. These works continually focus on remnants and fragments that are captured in the midst of change, then edited and fused together in the space of painting. These images are pregnant with a longing to communicate. The success and failure of these “messages in a bottle” are the basis of his work.

In 2003, Sprecher was granted a studio through the Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation Space Program. He was an artist in residence at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin, Ireland in 2007. Sprecher was awarded a 2009 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship in Visual Arts. During his Fellowship year, he worked on a series of large-scale paintings that built upon his earlier interest in using the tradition of painting to bring together disparate forms of image making.

Expertise Categories: Art | Painting | Drawing

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Phone: 865-974-9396

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