UT Expert: Tricia Redeker-Hepner

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Tricia Redeker-Hepner
Assistant Professor
Anthropology Department

Dr. Hepner has worked extensively in the area of asylum advocacy; she has participated in over 100 asylum cases as an expert witness. She works closely with human rights NGOs on a range of issues, from civil and political rights to religious freedom, torture, and refugee protection in both the US and the European Union. She can discuss political and legal anthropology; Northeast Africa; African diasporas; refugees and asylum seekers; human rights; conflict, war, and peace; transnationalism; identity; political economy and development.

Expertise Categories: Africa | Anthropology | Development | War

Contact Information

Email: thepner@utk.edu
Phone: 865-974-8962
Web: http://web.utk.edu/~anthrop/faculty/hepner.html

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