Steven Wilhelm


Steven Wilhelm
Professor and Associate Department Head

Steven Wilhelm is an expert in molecular microbial ecology, oceanography and limnology. He specializes in understanding the synergies between microorganisms and biogeochemical cycles in oceans and large lake systems.  His research involves elements of classical chemical and physical oceanography/limnology combined with state-of-the-art applications of molecular biology.
His research interests include the development of biogeochemical models for microbial contributions to carbon and nutrient cycling, understanding the role viruses play in the structure and function of aquatic microbial food webs, and the development of molecular diagnostics for use in the study of harmful algae and toxigenic cyanobacteria. He has published around 75 articles and is coauthor of several book chapters and editor of a recent book on methods for study viruses in the environment. As part of his oceanographic research he has cumulatively spent over one year working on research vessels.
He has been an associate editor of the scientific journal Limnology and Oceanography: Methods since 2002 and on the Editorial Board of Applied and Environmental Microbiology since 2007.  In 2009 he was given the Chancellor’s citation for Research and Creative Achievement from the University of Tennessee.
Wilhelm is currently the Associate Head of the Department of Microbiology and co-chair of the Scientific Committee for Oceanographic Researchers international working group on marine viruses.

Expertise Categories: Microbial Ecology | Oceanography | Molecular Biology | Aquatic Biogeochemistry

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Phone: 865-974-0665

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