Stephanie Bohon


Stephanie Bohon
Associate Professor

Stephanie Bohon is best known for her work on the growth and needs of Latino migrants in the South. This work examines the difference between Latino migrant adjustment in traditional gateways such as Miami and Houston and emerging gateways such as Atlanta and Nashville.

She is the founder and co-director of the Center for Social Justice at UT, Knoxville. Her work on Latino immigration and immigration policy has been published in several journals including Social Problems, Social Science Quarterly, Rural Sociology, Population Research and Policy Review, The Journal of Latinos and Education and The Journal of Latino-Latin America Studies.

She has received several teaching and research awards, including the M. G. Michael Award for innovative research and the Program Excellence Through Research Award (Southern Division) for the application of research to public policy. She holds degrees in economics, political science, sociology, and demography, including a doctorate in demography and sociology from Penn State University. Her work has been reported by several national and international media including National Public Radio, BBC-London, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Sun-Times and USA Today.

Expertise Categories: Immigration to the U.S. South | Latino/Latina Sociology | Demography

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