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Gregory Button

Gregory Button Associate Professor Anthropology Expertise: Gregory Button has studied disasters, disaster response and environmental health issues for 30 years. He can speak to issues of government and community response to both natural and man-made disasters, as well as to the lasting impact of disasters and disaster response. Prior to his academic career, he spent

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Alex Long

Alex Long Associate Professor Law Expertise: Alex Long can discuss disability law, employment law, torts and legal ethics. Expertise Categories: Ethics | Law Contact Information Email: along23@utk.edu Phone: 865-974-8600 Web: http://www.law.utk.edu/faculty/long/index.shtml

Tim Rials

Tim RialsProfessorForestry, Wildlife and Fisheries Department Expertise:Biofuels; Wood and polymers; Biomass assessment; Forestry; SunGrant Initiative Expertise Categories: Agriculture | Biology Contact Information Email: trials@utk.eduPhone: 865-946-1116Web:

David Reidy

David Reidy Professor Philosophy Expertise: David Reidy can discuss political and legal philosophy, including theoretical issues such as the nature of a “just state” and applied issues such as whether or not to abolish the death penalty and how should society react to religious objections to compulsory education laws. Reidy also can discuss the theory,

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Mae Quinn

Mae Quinn Associate Professor Law Expertise: Mae Quinn can discuss problem-solving courts, public defender services and the legal and ethical issues facing criminal defense attorneys. Expertise Categories: Law Contact Information Email: mquinn3@utk.edu Phone: 865-974-6772 Web: http://www.law.utk.edu/faculty/quinn/

John Rabun

John RabunProfessorCollege of Architecture and Design Expertise:Historic preservation Expertise Categories: Art Contact Information Email: jrabun@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-3272Web:

Glenn Reynolds

Glenn Reynolds Distinguished Professor Law Expertise: Glenn Reynolds is an expert on the Second Amendment, space law, nanotechnology law, blogs, social media, and the Internet. Reynolds blogs as the “Instapundit,” with readers from around the world. Reynolds has testified before Congressional committees on space law, international trade, and domestic terrorism. Expertise Categories: Blogs | Law

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Greg Reed

Greg Reed Professor and Associate Vice Chancellor Office of Research Expertise: Greg Reed is a professor of engineering and associate vice chancellor of research. He can discuss physical, chemical and biological unit operations to treat hazardous and non-hazardous waste, air and water processes modeling, mass transfer operations, hydraulics, system design and optimization. Expertise Categories: Engineering

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Todd Reynolds

Todd ReynoldsAssistant ProfessorMicrobiology Department Expertise:Fungal physiology; Pathogenicity Expertise Categories: Biology Contact Information Email: treynol6@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-4025Web: http://web.bio.utk.edu/micro/faculty/reynolds.html

Charles Reynolds

Charles ReynoldsProfessorReligious Studies Department Expertise:Legal ethics; Ethical, cultural and political issues; Politics and religion; Holocaust; Democracy Expertise Categories: Ethics | Holocaust | Politics | Religion Contact Information Email: creynol2@utk.eduPhone: 865-974-2466Web: