Jeff Becker


Jeff Becker
Professor and Department Head


Jeff Becker can discuss fungal physiology, pathogenicity, developing medicines, the biology of HIV/AIDS, biological receptors, medical mycology and membrane transport. Becker’s major research interests are in the structure and function of peptides and their receptors, membrane transport and medical mycology.

Becker has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles and has been awarded grants for research from many agencies including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the American Cancer Society, and the National Science Foundation. He was awarded a Research Career Development Award from NIH, was named an UT Chancellor’s Research Scholar, received UT’s Alexander Prize exemplifying the ideal teacher-scholar, led the College of Arts & Sciences as College Marshall, and became a Fellow of the American Association of Advancement of Science in 2008. He currently holds an NIH grant in the 32nd year of continuous funding.

Becker’s laboratory research involves the molecular biology of membrane transport, the structure and function of peptide pheromones/hormones and their receptors, and the discovery of fungal virulence factors. Becker has served as a consultant to many pharmaceutical companies and was one of the four founders of a new biotechnology company located in Cambridge, Mass., whose goal was to find and develop new drugs for infectious diseases.

Expertise Categories: AIDS | Biology | Drugs | Medicine | Candida Albicans| Fungal Pathogenesis | Yeast | Receptors | G Protein-Coupled Receptors| Fungi

Contact Information

Email: jbecker@utk.edue
Phone: 865-974-3006

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