David Schumann


David Schumann
William J. Taylor Professor of Business
Marketing and Logistics

David Schumann has expertise in consumer psychology, marketing communications as it relates to audience belief structures, attitudes and persuasion, and prejudicial responses.  Schumann also can discuss teaching and learning (expertise in course design, creative pedagogies, student motivation, rapport building, planning for sustained learning) and strategic planning (expertise in organizational visioning and comprehensive strategic planning). Schumann presently serves as the inaugural director of the Tennessee Teaching and Learning Center at the University of Tennessee.  He also co-founded and co-directs the Global Leadership Scholars Program (CBA Undergraduate Honors Program).

Expertise Categories: Advertising | Communication | Marketing | Promotion

Contact Information

Email: dschuman@utk.edu
Phone: 865-974-1642
Web: http://tenntlc.utk.edu/

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