Faculty News and Notes


Carol Harden, professor of geography, has been elected president of the Association of American Geographers. Harden, currently vice president of the association, has been a geography professor at UT since 1987 and served as head of the UT geography department from 1995-2000 and in 2006-2007. Her research and teaching in geography emphasize interactions among people and the natural environment, particularly in mountain watersheds of East Tennessee and the Andes in South America.


La Vinia Jennings, associate professor of English, received the College Language Association’s Outstanding Book Award for her book Toni Morrison and the Idea of Africa. The CLA is the primary organization of African American literary and language professors. Jennings’ book also won the Toni Morrison Society’s Award for Best Single-Author Book on Morrison.


Pravda, Slovakia’s oldest national newspaper, recently published a two-page color spread on the work of Daniel H. Magilow, assistant professor of German. The article, titled “Vojnová senzácia: Slovensko má svoju Annu Frankovú (A Wartime Sensation: Slovakia has its own Anne Frank),” appeared in the April 4, 2009, edition of the newspaper’s weekend magazine. It discusses Magilow’s recent book In Her Father’s Eyes: A Childhood Extinguished by the Holocaust, a translated edition of a baby book (written in German) that traces a young Slovak girl’s life from her birth in Bratislava in 1929 until the family’s deportation to a Nazi death camp in 1942.

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